éhonté (feminine singular éhontée, masculine plural éhontés, feminine plural éhontées)

Shameless (without shame)




ÉHONTÈ was born out of a desire for contemporary women, in search of a wild card to fit in today's closet. The goal is for pieces to transit between all seasons of your wardrobe and style changes.
Our design philosophy has a Bauhaus approach to which form follows function. Our shoes are expressed in the most clear way. We stay true to our materials, it must reflect it's nature. Our minimalism approach brings versatility to your closet  with simplicity and effectiveness.
We emphasize in technology through 3D printing, new techniques never explored or even old world techniques that in itself is new in today's standards. Our use of resources are smart in the way of thinking through an extensive process to gather information from around the globe, be politics, beliefs, art, points of view over our past, present and future. But above all there is no border between artist, craftsman, consumer. It's a sustainable democratic way of design.
  ÉHONTÈ have always envisioned a brand that reflected our societal values. Sustainability it's at it's core from the packaging all the way to how the product is received in your residence. Our animal leather used on the production of the shoes comes from sustainable factories using the most efficient and protective way to preserve the earth. We work with independent artisans to minimize our carbon footprint and still produce shoes that are high in standards focusing on a slow fashion production.
From a young age I always knew I would be involved in fashion. I grew up knowing my grandfather was an established fashion designer, but I didn't have the opportunity to have known him. My passion with shoes started with my mother. I would see her get dressed for work every morning and one thing she would put last was the shoes, I knew at the moment she was ready to face the world ahead.
The shoes gave her the confidence, the "amour for battle" so to speak. Suddenly she stood a little taller, looked confident and went to work.  What I enjoy the most is knowing that shoes evokes an emotion only you can have with yourself. My goal is not to design to the perfect, most confident woman out there, my goal is to design for you.
I, like everyone else is after the the pursuit of perfection but have you ever been shoe shopping? that to me is the pursuit of happiness.
If all of this is possible is because of you. because you've trusted me to be who I always dreamed of and do what I do best. All I can do is thank you, thank you for believing in my brand and what I stand for.
Sérgio Silva
A dreamer