ÉHONTÈ is founded under one value. Respect, we believe this simple principle embodies all others. Respecting the earth has been one of the highest priorities in our brand.
Our goal is to merge all aspects of production into one sustainable brand.  Our shoes are completely hand crafted in São Paulo, Brazil in partnership with a factory over 100 years old of craftsmanship in the shoe industry. The factory manifests a value of high craft, love and a pursuit for the perfect shoe. Our shoes before anything else is sustainable in our practices, and our people comes before the shoe. Both the factory and us believe in our people to be the main drive to a high level craftsmanship with no tolerance for slave labor or poor working conditions.

The perfect package for a shoe historically has always been a perfect rectangular box filled with tissue paper and tucked in with a mass of even more paper. Our goal is to minimize the impact of producing one time use items. Our Bauhaus values has taught us that form follows function. Using that idea in mind we sought out to produce a hand crafted package, not only to protect the shoe but also lower our carbon footprint in the landfills.
Our package was is created from a single piece of paper folded origami style with no waste on material. The triangular shape of our boxes created the perfect hiding place for our shoes to rest while being transported to you. The three openings on the box works as air vents to prevent humidity to accumulate and prevent our shoes from breathing on their very own separate 100% cotton dust bags. Our minimal logo placement and logo less tissue paper is the perfect combination to be used and re-used as a gift box or to protect your shoes. In the case you may not want to keep the box we actually take our boxes back just contact us to ship it back!
We are low impact on earth but high impact in your life.
 We would like to leave an open ending to our story because just like our lives, we are always evolving.
To be Continued...